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Trickle Filters – Questions & Answers

Date Published - 18th April 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Are trickle filters just for large tanks?
No, any size of tank would benefit where high quality water is essential.
Can more fish be stocked if a trickle filter is fitted?
No. Trickle filters should be seen as a means to improve water quality and not as an excuse to increase livestock beyond a reasonable level.

Do trickle filters reduce the need for water changes ?
No. A 15-25% water change every two weeks should be standard practice for every tank whatever the filtration.
Will trickle filters reduce nitrates?
No, a separate denitrifying filter will be required, although this may be housed within the trickle filter.
Is extra turbulence required in the showertank?
Experience has shown that extra circulatory pumps are usually needed in the main tank to supplement the return flow from the trickle filter.
Is it better to use plastic, ceramic or coral gravel in the filter?
Each model will come with a recommendation from the manufacturer as to which medium suits their own product and this should be followed.

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