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Universal Hanging Bar System – Reviews

Date Published - 13th October 2014 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Customer reviews of the iQuatics universal hanging bar system

iQuatics Hanging Bar System

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Excellent product – Review by MJC 

This universal hanging bar system is terrific. I was looking for a mounting system that did not involve drilling holes into the walls or ceiling, As I was retrofitting a running tank, I needed a way to install the system without moving the aquarium. I built a unistrut frame that slipped behind the tank and allowed me to mount to. As far as appearance is concerned it is exceptional. Easily the best looking solution I could find. Nothing like it in the states so I bought it from iQuantics in GB. The product arrived in only a few days. Very Happy!

Mounting Kit – Review by Tyger 

I bought this thinking it was a little on the expensive side, its not very often you buy something and are really surprised by the quality of the item. As an ex precision engineer I can tell you the quality of this universal hanging bar system is fantastic, and it’s worth every penny, it’s made from top quality stainless steel. The unit is very easy to assemble, also very versatile and looks great over the tank. The service from Iquatics was excellent and very helpful when I called for further details.
All in all, excellent service, quality and support. 10/10

Amazing – Review by Nikki 

Excellent! Amazing piece of kit! Thank you

Great solution to the usual problem – Review by Rich 

I was in the process of getting all the bits together ready to do my new tank change over and was struggling with a solution to mounting my Halide without hanging it from wires from the ceiling as this was not really an option. I got the mailshot from Iquatics and saw this brilliant new universal hanging bar system they had available. I spoke with Shawn at Iquatics to check some dimensions etc and put an order in at about 2.30pm that day. At 8.45am the following morning I was in possession of my lovely new universal hanging bar system for my new tank.
Having unpacked everything and made up the support arms, I decided I was going to bolt the frame to the back of my new cabinet. It came with all the bolts etc and the only thing I did was to cut down the bolts (which were a bit too long) so they didn’t foul the sump tank underneath.
One thing to work out in advance is where the mounts need to be bolted so that you have the correct height for your light pendant in relation to the tank/water level. After a bit of adjustment and some shortening of the wires it came with I got the perfect light at exactly the correct height needed.
This universal hanging bar system is very nicely made from good quality materials and really looks the part. I would happily recommend this too anyone looking at alternative hanging options for the lighting.
Well done to Iquatics and thanks for all your help.

Excellent product – Review by Simon 

There are so few available options for off the shelf universal hanging bar system and this kit came along just at the right time for my new set up. I wish this had been available sooner as I currently use an ugly black wall mounted bracket for my marine LED lighting. My new set up is actually a reptile terrarium and I needed to suspend a twin T5 unit above it but could not find an acceptable solution until the iQuatics newsletter dropped into my inbox advertising these new universal hanging bar system, iQuatics were very helpful both on live chat and over the phone in answering my queries and so I placed an order for the 600mm version. It arrived next day. The finish is excellent; it looks very professional and has a good solid feel to it all. I found it a little fiddly to work out heights and distances when fitting it to my cabinet to make sure the light unit would be where I wanted it but the overall design of the hanging kit is very simple and easy to adjust once you’ve got it bolted to something (cabinet or wall). It looks great and is a talking point for any fellow hobbyists that may come over and spot it. If I ever need another universal hanging bar system, the iquatics universal hanging bar system is the one I’d buy again. Given the quality I’m surprised that they aren’t much more expensive.

About time – Review by Chris 

I have used a couple of different universal hanging bar systems in the past, even tried making my own. After seeing these I was skeptical but I purchase them. About time something like this came on the market. The quality of built was spot on. Would be will to pay double for this! Thanks again iQuatics.

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