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Date Published - 24th April 2019 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

We are all too aware of the effects our waste is having on environments around the world. If you have placed an order with iQuatics recently you may have noticed changes to the packaging the items are received in.

We have taken the conscious decision to remove as much non-essential packaging from all of our product range, we have already begun to implement this and will continue, where possible to remove anything that isn’t a necessity in either the function of the product or that assists in getting it to you in good order.
We already use 100% recycled boxes for our T5 tube deliveries, and we, of course, offer our Ocean Reef Pro Coral Salt in refill packs, meaning you only need to buy a bucket once (they also save you a couple of quid per order!)
It’s inevitable that some products need packaging, the salt, for example, has to come in a plastic bag, but the good news is this bag is recyclable, in fact almost our entire range consists of packaging that is recyclable!
Not only does this help to reduce waste both at our end and yours but it also helps us to keep prices at a competitive point for you our customers. We are very much in favour of simple packaging to get the product you have ordered safely over investing large sums in a fancy box that you end up paying for in the RRP of your product & in most instances goes straight into the bin/recycling once you’ve removed your product.
We will continue to offer you the same great products at the same great prices and with the same levels of service you have become accustomed to from iQuatics, we just want to do our little bit and we really encourage you to do the same!

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