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What are Bio-Pure Rings and how do they work?

Date Published - 10th January 2022 - Published by - Shawn Beardmore

It’s important to understand from the off the Bio-Pure rings do not “filter” your aquarium water, they are here to provide a home for all of the beneficial bacteria that is needed to keep your tank levels in check (nitrifying and de-nitrifying mainly).

These bacteria need to colonise your Bio-Pure rings, when you receive your pack, they are inert with no bacteria on/in them.

Bio-Pure rings are made in a way that gives each ring thousands of microscopic holes all over their surface, some of these are that small you will not be able to see them without the use of a microscope, it’s within these holes that all the good bacteria we need will colonise and start to work their magic!

Nitrates and Nitrites are harmful to aquatic life when present in large enough quantities, this is where our beneficial bacteria start to do their job and because we are using Pure-Rings they have somewhere to multiply themselves rapidly. They can now get to work on breaking down those harmful Nitrates and Nitrates in large numbers.

There are no hard and fast rules on the number of Bio-Pure rings you should use in your aquarium & since they are totally inert there is never a risk of using too many or “overdosing” the general rule is the bigger the aquarium the more Bio-Pure rings you need to use.

Bio-pure rings can survive the rigours of aquarium life really well, meaning they are a great long-lasting, cost-effective media for use in your filters or sumps, unlike many other brands on the market (including the market-leading brands) Pure-Gone rings are incredibly hard-wearing meaning they last even longer, you only need to consider replacing them when you notice them loosing the “rough” texture but this can take literally years.

Bio-Pure rings can be “recharged” however this is quite a lengthy, in-depth process & because Bio-Pure rings are so cost-effective and last so long we wouldn’t really recommend undertaking this process at home.

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