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What is iQuatics Pure-Gone

Date Published - 10th January 2022 - Published by - Shawn Beardmore

Pure-Gone is a filtration media designed to remove dissolved and insoluble substances from aquarium water. Pure-Gone is a media in the form of synthetic adsorbent resin beads. The tiny beads have a large macroporous internal network that adsorbs and traps a variety of organic compounds found in saltwater, reef, and freshwater aquariums.

Naturally-occurring organic compounds are continuously released into the aquarium from fish, corals, algae, biological filtration, and food products. If left in the water, these complex substances break down into undesirable substances like ammonia, phosphate and nitrate. A build-up of organics, lowers water quality, water clarity and can even increase the chances of disease problems in your aquarium.

Pure-Gone selectively captures and retains these organics without stripping essential trace elements. Aquarium water will be vastly improved! Pure-Gone can also reduce the organic load on your protein skimmer.

It will be easier to control nitrates and phosphates too.

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