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Wheelchair for your Goldfish?

Date Published - 20th March 2017 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

If you’ve been keeping up with twitter recently there’s a good chance you’ll have seen a post about a goldfish who was given the chance to swim again with a goldfish wheelchair!

The story
A small goldfish had suffered an infection to its bladder making it impossible for the creature to swim. At least that’s what the owner thought until they brought the fish to Derek. Derek, who works in an aquarium saw the fish and decided to give the Fish the opportunity to swim again after coming up with an ingenious idea! Derek sent his creation to his friend along with a picture of the fish in action and the rest is history.

The contraption

The device Derek created was incredibly simple but certainly required a certain level of creativity. The device is simply a piece of Styrofoam attached to a string which not only keeps the fish afloat but also allows him to move around freely.

The social media storm
Derek sent a picture of his creation to his fish-loving friend who shared the story with the twitter world who were in awe at the generosity of Derek and fell in love with the story and the fish. Within a few hours, the disabled fish was on the news and had collected almost 80 thousand retweets. A multitude of videos and photographs made the rounds on twitter and before he knew it Derek was an aquarium superstar being praised for his work and even being encouraged to market his idea to help other fish in the same position.

Our Opinion
Our team fell in love with the story just like so many other aquarium lovers did and thought we would share the heart-warming story with our fans and customers. The fish is happy and healthy and it’s great to see a story go viral that’s so positive!

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