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Why do people use reflectors and why should you choose iQuatics’ reflectors?

Date Published - 2nd August 2012 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

Reflectors are a great way to improve the light output of your aquarium lighting. They can increase the output of the tubes by up to 100%. Reflectors work by reflecting all of the light that is usually lost from the top of the bulb back down into your aquarium, meaning they are a very cost effective way of dramatically improving the light output in your aquarium, as you can see from the diagram below.

Reflectors are beneficial to all aquarists and with the rising costs of electricity they can offer a great alternative to expensive lighting additions. They are also a great way of boosting your light output if the space to add more lighting isn’t available in your aquarium. Reflectors can be used with all types of aquarium lighting; they are often used in halide and LED lighting. The LED lighting uses lenses to focus the light into a direct source.

Why use iQuatics’ reflectors?

iQuatics’ reflectors are made from durable, rust resistant aluminium housing and encompass the latest non-metallic reflective technology, made possible through the application of nanotechnology. This surface has the ability to capture lost light and convert it into a fantastic bright light, without the usual rusting and pitting of a metallic surface.  It is common knowledge that other reflectors on the market will corrode over time; this process is sped up considerably when the reflector is exposed to saltwater. If not maintained regularly the lifetime and effectiveness of the reflector is greatly reduced. iQuatics have also developed clips that will not corrode and become brittle, another common complaint with other manufacturer’s reflectors.

iQuatics’ reflectors are cost effective, easy to maintain and unlike other brands of reflectors only the reflective strip needs to be replaced, which over the lifetime of the reflector will provide you with considerable savings compared to having to replace the whole reflector time after time.

Suitable for T5 & T8 bulbs and including all the fittings you need, iQuatics’ reflectors are a must have for all hobbyists. We are basically giving you FREE lighting and free isn’t a word we use flippantly here at iQuatics, but you really are increasing your lighting output for free!

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