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Zeewaternieuws – Frag Rack Review

Date Published - 28th June 2019 - Published by - iQuatics Ltd

iQuatics is a British company that has grown thanks to its retrofit Juwel light modules. In the meantime, the company also makes its own salt mix, reflectors, and filter media. Cuttings racks have recently been added to the range. Seawater news tests the biggest: the Multi-Tier Adjustable Frag Rack 40 .

There is a lot of space for both stones and plugs
There is a lot of space for both stones and plugs

There are a lot of cutting racks on the market, but recently the consumer has even more choice. After all, iQuatics launched three copies: one with one level, and then two with three levels. The last two only differ in width: 28 or 40 centimetres. We test the largest one.

It is striking that forty centimetres is really quite large: there is room for 132 plugs. Is that not enough? Then you can simply buy two racks and attach them to each other with an extra plate. That plate has another place for 26 cutting stones. This way you immediately get a pyramid of cuttings in the aquarium.

Build quality

The rack is easy to put together, and the accompanying manual (in English) is clear. The construction yields a bit when pressure is exerted on it, due to the material used. iQuatics uses flexible acrylic that takes shape with the laser cutting machine. The edges are neatly finished.

You can choose from three different colours: white, black, and transparent blue. A somewhat strange appearance in our opinion, but tastes cannot be disputed. Finally, the iQuatics logo is clearly visible, without dominating.


Nice are the three positions that each cutting grid has. You can lay the gratings flat and tilt them slightly or strongly forward. This way every coral needs to get enough light. iQuatics uses a system of notches for this, which makes it very easy to position the gratings correctly.

Also interesting is the aforementioned possibility to connect two racks together. The fact that an additional cuttings grid must be added to this can only be called positive.

The rack has three shelves with either slots or holes
The rack has three shelves with either slots or holes


With the Multi-Tier Adjustable Frag Rack 40 iQuatics delivers a flexible stand with a lot of seating. Corals will feel at home; there is room for thin and thicker plugs in the holes and slots of the gratings.

The whole is sturdy enough to place 132 corals, although you have to take that figure with a grain of salt. Thick corals that protrude over the edge of the plug will take up more space.

The possibility of expansion is admirable: the coupling with a second rack is simple and elegantly designed. The many slots in the construction ensure that flow is minimized as much as possible.

iQuatics offers the Multi-Tier Adjustable Frag Rack 40 for GBP 59.99 (EUR 67.39).

Many thanks to zeewaterniews for taking the time to provide this review

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