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4 Tube Upgrade – 120cm T5 Light Unit,Juwel Compatible, Vision 260

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The latest addition to our T5 light system range sees iQuatics once again raise the bar. Don’t settle for any lighting restrictions on your marine or tropical setups with the introduction of our new space saving low profile designed retrofit iQuatics AquaLumi Universal.

Available in both 2 tube and 4 tubes version, this latest designs is more versatile than a swiss army knife.

If your looking to upgrade your twin light unit to a 4 tube unit expanding your possibilities of photosynthetic live stock or got an older light unit with a faulty ballast and want to upgrade.

The AquaLumi Universal is for you

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Product Description

For a more detailed, interactive look at the AquaLumi Universal – CLICK HERE 

The latest retrofit addition to our T5 aquarium lighting system range sees iQuatics raise the bar once again.  You no longer need settle for any lighting restrictions on your marine or tropical setups with the introduction of our new, space-saving  AquaLumi Universal T5 Lighting Bar.

Available in both 2 tube and 4 tube versions, this latest low-profile design is more versatile than a Swiss army knife!

A selection of tubes will be sent from our extensive range of 54w T5 Juwel Compatible 1047mm range, & 45w T5 Juwel Compatible 895mm range. Please state in the order comments if your aquarium is tropical or marine. If the two tube system is chosen then 2 tubes will be sent, if the 4 tube system is selected, 4 tubes will be included.

This system operates on 1 plug per set of tubes, one plug controlls the 54w tubes the second controlls the 850mm tubes.

This unit is compatible with the following aquariums:

  • Juwel Vision 260

The AquaLumi Universal can be used as a direct replacement for your T8 MultiLux or T5 High Lite/Hi Lite system.

Features and Benefits:

Double the quality for less that the competition, durable anodised aluminium not plastic.

  • Telescopic feature means it can we  used with almost any aquarium.
  • Allows the option for industry leading iQuatics reflectors to be easily attached
  • Manufactured here in the UK to guarantee hand crafted accuracy and reliability.
  • Easy-to-use, low-maintenance design.

 Designed to accommodate your existing flap set.

 * Juwel® is a registered trademark. The iQuatics Universal is manufactured by iQuatics® and is in no way associated with or manufactured by Juwel®, It is advertised as a product compatible with Juwel® aquariums. Any enquires relating to this product should be directed to iQuatics Limited*

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