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2 x 10000K – 10K 250W Aquarium Metal Halide Bulb

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Double ended- FC2 connection. Corals will appear more vibrant than the lower Kelvin bulbs due to the limited red in the spectrum. A 10000K halide is ideal for soft coral growth.

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Product Description

Double ended | FC2 ends/base

Provides a natural “ripple-effect” just like the sun!

This is the ideal bulb for encouraging healthy growth in corals and plants; the 10K Halide bulb will provide your aquarium with an artificial light which is extremely close to natural sunlight. This bulb will promote growth in your young plants and corals in addition to maximising your savings! Low cost and high performance, the 10K Halides offers super-performance in a small package.

Just like the sun, Halide bulbs stream a concentrated and strong-output light source from a single focus point. This ensures that your aquarium can benefit from the “ripple-effect” which is usually only attainable in natural sunlit conditions. This ripple-effect is not possible with T5 lighting due to the source being spread over a larger surface area.

Why choose Halides and what else is necessary?

Installing a 10K Halide will give your aquarium a facelift; colours will be stronger and more vibrant to look at thanks to the lack of “dulling” red in the spectrum.

Halide bulbs offer the ultimate in quality and performance at a low price. A 250W Halide bulb will give you the “ripple” effect and can reach right down to the deepest section of your tank and benefit all of the plants and corals within.

If you choose to install a 10K Halide, it is recommended that you also make use of the Blue+ T5 fluorescent tube which will balance the yellow hues perfectly and ensure that the glorious colours within your aquarium are viewed at their best.

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