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18w T8 Aluminium Reflector

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18w T8 Reflector. Using an iQuatics Reflector alongside your fluorescent tubes can increase the output by up to 100%, thus making your fluorescents more efficient.

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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: These reflectors are compatible with JUWEL fluorescents
and are also compatible with the Aquatlantis range of T8 Lighting. 

Suitable for a 18W – 590mm / 24” (length)

Are you using an older generation T8 fixture ? Would you like to improve your lighting without going to the expense of replacing everything ? The cost effective alternative is to add iQuatics reflectors to help to increase your overall light output without the increase in electricity consumption, with electricity prices are on the rise, why not make the most of our reflectors.

iQuatics reflector is like no other on the market, we use a the latest in technology material which helps to prevent against the most common problems you see with other brands, easy wipe and maintain, rust resistant, easy to replace costs effective reflective strips available, Oxidation resistant material and able to withstand high temperatures so you can even use them alongside halides.

Reflectors are a must when using T8 tubes, the light output from a T8 is much less than the equivient sized T5 so maximising this output is essential.

Using an iQuatics Reflector alongside your fluorescent T8 tubes can increase the output by up to 100%, thus making your fluorescents more efficient without increasing the power consumption.

They are good for anti-glare protection when you’re doing maintenance or during feeding.
When you are running your fluorescent lights without the use of reflectors the light emitted is multi directional from the bulb.

The addition of the iQuatics Reflector behind the tube will direct the light back down towards your aquarium thus maximising the efficiency of the tube.

iQuatics reflector benefits:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Longer life span
  • Easy and cheap to replace
  • Resistant to Salt water corrosion
  • Simply clip onto your fluorescent tubes


Each box contains:

  • T5 stainless steel tube holding clips x 2
  • T8 stainless steel tube holding clips x 2
  • Aluminium extruded long life reflector support x 1
  • Non fibrous reflective strip x 1

iQuatics reflectors can be used on your current T5 or T8 fluorescents and are available to fit the following bulbs:

24W/15W – 438mm/18” (length)
28W/18W – 590mm / 24” (length)
35W/25W – 742mm / 30” (length)
45W/30W – 895mm / 36” (length)
54W/38W – 1047mm / 42” (length)
54W/36W – 1200mm / 48” (length)

*Juwel®  is a registered trademark of Juwel Aquarium*

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