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24W T5 Blue Plus +

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24W – 550mm/22” (l) – 5/8”- 16 mm (w) BLUE PLUS delivers an intense blue light with the properties of a blue tube and an actinic tube.The unique spectrum enhances the vibrant blue colours of your corals.

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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: These bulbs are not compatible with JUWEL Aquarium Lighting Units 

24W – 550mm/22” (length) – 5/8”- 16 mm (diameter)

Joint properties of a blue tube and actinic 03 tube!

This high output T5 is always going to outstrip the performance of a regular T8 due to increased output…which means deeper penetration! Even the bottom of your tank will be illuminated with the help of the T5 Blue Plus+. Soft corals will be heightened in colour and will flourish even if you choose to increase your stock because the performance of the T5 is so solid and reliable. The iQuatics Blue Plus bulb will shine an intense blue light which penetrates right to the deepest section of your aquarium; the light has the joint properties of a blue tube and actinic 03 tube peaking at 420nm.

One of the best actinic bulbs out there!

This is a unique spectrum which serves to highlight the vibrancy of your corals and plants and will give you what you need to ensure they flourish no matter what their depth. It’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular actinic bulbs out there; it will ensure that washed-out yellow hue becomes balanced and your corals and plants will flourish. It also works well as a supplement to metal halides or in conjunction with iQuatics Marine White 14000k and the high PAR means that photosynthesis is promoted.

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*International Delivery Available – We are unable to insure T5 Tubes internationally, a credit note will be issued in the unlikely event of items arriving damaged, this credit note does not cover postal cost.

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