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24w T5 Special Aqua Blue 50:50

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24W – 550mm/22” (l) – 5/8”- 16 mm. AQUA BLUE 50:50 tube combines the phosphors of a Blue Plus tube with a 10000k full-spectrum daylight. Great as a standalone bulb.

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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: These bulbs are not compatible with JUWEL Aquarium Lighting Units

24W – 550mm/22” (length) – 5/8”- 16 mm (diameter)

Great for smaller tanks!

The Aquablue 50:50 is a versatile and deeply penetrating light source which is great as a standalone for smaller tanks or used in larger setups in conjunction with the iQuatics Blue Plus or the Actinic range.

With the Aquablue 50:50 you can increase stocks safe in the knowledge that the mixed spectrum will provide maximum PAR for the ideal coral growth. Your aquarium will be bathed in an attractive blue-tinted light and any yellow tints will be reduced…improving the overall look of your setup.

Useful facts!

High output T5’s are a better choice than the regular T8 because increased water penetration means greater efficiency. You gain illumination and your tank benefits from improved growth and enhanced beauty.

Because the iQuatics Blue 50:50 is one of our most popular fluorescents to date, you know that you’re making a sound choice. Combining the phosphors of a Blue Plus tube with a 10000K full spectrum daylight bulb, the iQuatics Aqua Blue also works well as a supplement to metal halides or when used together with the iQuatics Marine White 14000K.

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