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Twin Pack 35W T5/25W T8 Reflector Strip

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Using an iQuatics Reflector alongside your fluorescent tubes can increase the output by up to 100%, making your fluorescents more efficient.

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Product Description

35W T5 or 25W T8– 742mm/30” (length) – 5/8”- 16 mm (diameter)

The replacement iQuatics reflective sheet is manufactured using a non fibre polyester material with a silver gloss surface.

Unlike the typical stainless steel or Aluminium reflectors available, iQuatics reflectors have the following benefits:

iQuatics reflector benefits:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Longer life span
  • Easy and cheap to replace
  • Resistant to Salt water corrosion
iQuatics Replacement T5/T8 Reflector
They are good for anti-glare protection when you’re doing maintenance or during feeding.
When you are running your fluorescent lights without the use of reflectors the light emitted is multi directional from the bulb.The addition of the iQuatics Reflector behind the tube will direct the light back down towards your aquarium thus maximising the efficiency of the tube.Suitable for : 35W T5 or 25W T8– 742mm/30” (length)
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