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Aquarium Filter Media – iQuatics Airo Carbon 1kg – Granular

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Let results of this filter media carbon speak for themselves!

iQuatics Granular Aquarium Activated Airo Carbon Filter Media has proven over the years to be very popular throughout the aquarium industry.

Cost effective filtration which can be used for a variety of operations that require water filtration whether that be your pond, freshwater or marine aquarium

Recommended use – iQuatics media reactor, this carbon is not compatible with the iQuatics filter net 

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Product Description

1kg (1000g) Granular Aquarium Activated Carbon – Ideal for larger filters, ponds, or for keeping spares in stock.

Granular Aquarium activated carbon is the perfect filter media for the removal of large organic molecules, chlorine pollutants, toxins, and other chemical elements that are not removed by the use of a protein skimmer or other types of filtration.

iQuatics® Airo-Carbon has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible specifications; its high activity granular shape has a greater surface area that allows maximum flow and a high contact time, it also makes it great to use in almost all activated carbon filters and reactors.

We recommend the use of a reactor with this granular carbon, this product is not compatible with the iQuatics filter net

Due to its sophisticated production process; its low ash content helps to keep the pH of the water stable. This is done by using selected grades of bituminous coal-based carbon which makes activated carbon the perfect water filter. Our bituminous carbon has the most transitional pores, varying in dimension rather than standard materials, which tend to have either small (micropores) or larger (macropores).

During testing iQuatics® Airo-Carbon outperformed other leading brands of carbon filter media making it one of the best, activated carbons available to the aquarist.

• High Iodine Number • Low Ash

• High Molasses Efficiency • Low Impact on pH

• Surface Area 1100m2/g

Let results of this filter media carbon speak for themselves!

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