iQuatics Bio-Phos 80 (The original!) is a high capacity synthetic Iron Hydroxide, suitable for use in aquaria ranging from Ph5 to Ph10. With a capacity ranging from 80g/L to 40g/L PO4 removal, depending on water conditions, it is at the pinnacle of Phosphate adsorbing media.

It is low dust and high density, so as to ensure the very minimum of migration from the reactor to the aquaria.

Every 100g of Bio-Phos is capable of removing up to 4ppm of P04 from 1000 litres of salt water or 4ppm P04 from 2000 litres of fresh water, because of the relatively small grain size, Bio-Phos 80 is best suited for use in a media reactor, or an area of high flow, in a fine mesh bag.

The media is very hard and won’t break down like other Medias, allowing high rates of agitation to be applied.

Directions for use: