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Twin T5 Juwel Compatible Aquarium Ballast – Helvar 45w Juwel Compatible High Output

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The Helvar 45w Juwel compatible ballasts are a high quality replacement if you are looking to replace or fix your current Juwel light unit. This ballast is the ideal replacement for light units on the following aquariums- Rio 180, Panorama 100, Trigon 350 (Front), Delta 300

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Single Core Ballast Cable

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Product Description

Our replacement Juwel Ballasts are compatible with the 45w Juwel T5 tubes. Needing to replace the ballast in your Juwel light unit? Both bulbs stopped working?
The Helvar iQuatics replacement T5 Ballasts will be perfect for the job in hand.

The Helvar  Ballasts are to be used with High Output tubes where these to be the standard 24w, 39w, 54w, 80w or the JUWEL compatible High Output tubes, 24w, 28w, 35w, 45w, 54w or 54w (1200mm) Please see which model you require from the table below:

Note – Juwel have used several different ballasts in their High Lite Units over the years. Some with 6 connections, some with 7 and some with 8. If you follow the wiring diagram displayed on the front of your ballasts and the replacement ballast the fitting of your new ballast will be straightforward.  Specific instructions for fitting your ballast are available on request.

Model No Compatibility Tube Length Number of Tubes
IQU-BAL-24W 24w (Standard) 550mm / 22″ 2
24w 438mm / 18″ 2
28w 590mm / 24″ 2
 IQU-BAL-39W 35w 742mm / 30″ 2
39w (Standard) 850mm / 34″ 2
IQB-45-54DBL 45w 895mm / 36″ 2
54w (Standard) 1150mm / 46″ 2
54w 1047mm / 42″ 2
54w 1200 1200mm / 48″ 2
IQB-80-SNG 80w 1450mm / 58″ 1

The Helvar ballast should be used with solid single core cable (available from iQuatics) in:

  • 1 Meter (2.99)
  • 5 Meter (£5.99)
  • 10 Meter (£9.99)

Click Here for wiring instructions.

High Output T5’s are better to use in your aquarium lighting than the regular T8 as they have increased water penetration and are more efficient. You don’t lose the illumination at the bottom of the deeper tanks.With this lighting you are not restricted as much to the content of your aquarium, stock levels can be increased without the worry of inadequate levels of light.

The greater intensity, deeper penetration and Higher output allows you to stock your tank with a wide range of soft corals and allow them to flourish which was not possible with T8 Fluorescents.

Key Benefits of our High Output T5’s:

  • Greater Intensity
  • Deeper Penetration
  • High Power

Ballast Dimensions:

  • 270mm(l) x 26mm (h x 32mm (w)

Buy from iQuatics and benefit from Industry Leading Aquarium Lighting :

  • Industry Leading Aquarium Lighting Customer Service
  • High Quality Brand New Boxed Goods
  • FREE Fast UK Delivery

*Juwel®  is a registered trademark of Juwel Aquarium. This product is manufactured by iQuatics® and is in no way associated with or manufactured by Juwel®. It is advertised as a product compatible with Juwel® products.

*Ballast provided may differ from that pictured, all ballasts will be of exact specifications and full wiring instructions provided*

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