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Universal Hanging Bar System – Reviews

Customer reviews of the iQuatics universal hanging bar system

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Aquarium Light Hanging System.

Aquarium Light Hanging System. – The aquarium bracket for everyone. For many years people looking to hang a lighting fixture above their aquariums have been restricted to just a few options.The Arcadia wall bracket and the Geisemann wall bracket. Both of these options are quite restrictive in how they allow the suspension of the fixture…

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Aquarium Lighting

The iQuatics universal aquarium light mounting kit/hanging system for corner aquariums

Do you have a corner tank or want to buy a corner tank but worried about issues with suspending lighting fixtures over your aquarium? Got a problematic ceiling or a partner who’s not keen on permanent alterations? Not everyone is able to drill into joists to affix their lighting set-ups in the optimum position and that’s…

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Aquarium Lighting, News

iQuatics’ Light Hanging Kit…Simplifying Lighting for Aquariums

iQuatics’ Light Hanging Kit…Simplifying Lighting for Aquariums We have pioneered yet another new and ground breaking product. This time it’s the re-thinking of suspension lighting for aquariums of all sizes. iQuatics’ Light Hanging Kit is set to revolutionise the way people deal with suspended lighting at home making it far easier for the average hobbyist to…

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